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What a year 2020 has turned out to be.

I don't know about you, but time seems to have flown by.

Here at Blue Squirrel Software, we have been pleased to have virtually met new clients, as well as helping our existing customers with their web & software needs. James and I have been having regular Zoom calls throughout the year, discussing how we can spend this time to drive our business forward, and helping new businesses do the same 

One thing is for certain, having an online presence, getting direct to people's homes - whether it be delivering products or services - has become much more important overnight in 2020.

This year we saw the big supermarkets scramble to implement sophisticated queuing software on their websites, alongside sophisticated queuing in their physical stores! (by the way, we can help if your site is struggling with demand!) But there has also been a surge in new small businesses setting up, people trying out new ventures, and a change in behaviour with consumers wanting to support local small businesses, which is fantastic.

So, whether we are just starting our relationship, or you've known us for many years - may we wish you the very best Christmas and look forward to a new and improved 2021!

James and I both look forward to working with you through the rest of this decade and beyond!


Photo of Ian dressed as Santa

James in Christmas Jumper