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Internet Explorer ScreenshotNO ONE should be using Internet Explorer as their day to day browser. It is outdated, slow, prone to crashing, suffered from security issues and does not support many of the new web technologies that are emerging.

As of March 2021, around 1.7% of internet users still use Internet Explorer, which means web developers still have to make allowances for the tiny number of people still using this antiquated browser. If you are among them, please, please, PLEASE switch to a more modern browser.

The last major version release of Internet Explorer was version 11 back in 2013, and other than the occasional security patch, it is no longer maintained by Microsoft.

Internet Explorer has been with us since 1995, in the days when there was not much content on the web and content was typically uninspiring pages with plain text and images.

As Microsoft bundled Internet Explorer with its Windows operating system, it quickly overtook its early rivals (mainly Netscape Navigator) and reached a height of 96% market share in 2001. It remained the dominant browser throughout most of the 00s.

Over the years, Microsoft updated and released new versions of Internet Explorer to allow for more rich content and allow developers to produce a better web experience for users, but often the browser was prone to crashing and was often benchmarked slower than its rivals.

It wasn’t until 2008 the tide truly turned when Google launched its own browser, Chrome, after looking at the current crop of browsers and found them wanting. Despite having the advantage of being pre-installed and set as the default on most PCs, Internet Explorer quickly lost market share to Chrome and Firefox.  Microsoft has now abandoned it and is now pushing its modern successor, Edge.

Internet Explorer should not be used as your day to day browser, and those still using it will see more and more websites and web apps become unusable as support for IE is withdrawn. Internet Explorer was once the king of the internet browsers; today, it needs to be dumped.

 *The only acceptable use of internet explorer today is to use a legacy website or web app that only works in Internet Explorer.


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